Medical Connections, a national provider of medical recruitment and staffing services, was established to satisfy the increasing need for highly qualified healthcare professionals. The company’s business is to identify, select and place the best allied health specialists, executive nurses, pharmacists, physicians and hospital management executives.

In response to changing dynamics of the healthcare recruiting market, Medical Connections has shifted its business to a more lucrative niche emphasizing the recruiting of allied health specialists and physicians. This change in direction has resulted in a triple digit increase in placements for physical and occupational therapists. Recruiting for pharmacists and hospital management executives also marked a significant growth and is expected to continue to play a role in the diversification of the company’s recruiting activities.

The key personnel of Medical Connections have more than three decades of combined experience in the medical recruiting profession. Currently, the company employs 50 people in-house, more than 70 medical professionals nationwide and uses the resources of multiple recruiters nationwide to source additional candidates. With successful growth during the last three years, Medical Connections has already positioned itself as a market leader in recruiting for permanent positions in the field of allied health.

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