Money4Gold Holdings Inc. specializes in the large-scale recycling of gold, silver and platinum. The company offers the upside potential of the thriving precious metals markets by the broad-scale acquisition, recycling and production of gold, silver and platinum, while providing a new level of service and payout to individuals and groups wanting to sell their precious metals.

Through its consumer websites, including;; and, the company provides a convenient, efficient and secure method for individuals to recycle items containing precious metals. Utilizing a direct relationship with one of America’s largest and most respected refiners, Money4Gold is committed to making a higher payout to customers than traditional outlets by bypassing traditional recycling intermediaries and passing on the savings to customers.

Today’s high precious metals prices and economic downturn have led to a dramatic increase in the number of people wanting to cash in their gold and other precious metals items. The convenience of the Internet and the security of Money4Gold’s online and shipping procedures make a compelling business model for serving these individuals better, with higher payouts, while earning a robust margin for the company.

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