Neohydro Technologies Corp. is the exclusive licensee for the worldwide industrial applications of the Neohydroâ„¢ and Pathocellâ„¢ technologies. Neohydro Technologies is positioning to be the leading service company for providing economical end-to-end water supply solutions for industrial clients around the world. The Company is focusing their efforts on water sterilization technology.

Neohydro is bringing a noninvasive, cost-efficient solution to industrial wastewater management. Improving the treatment of industrial water allows them to redefine the management, flexibility, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness of industrial water supply. They believe their technology will foster ethical and environmentally sound business practices and help alleviate the growing water supply crisis.

Neohydro Technologies Corp.’s device and associated technology will find use in the treatment of industrial wastewater. They are offering a high voltage electrolysis device that transforms water solely for industrial applications. The technology will allow onsite treatment of wastewater from industries such as gas drilling, oil drilling, pulp and paper mills, food processing plants, and agriculture. The process involves treating the water back to EPA standards and reusing, recycling, and re-injecting it back for these industries to reuse. The benefit to enterprises is the elimination of transportation costs, reduction of waste, re-use of the treated water, elimination of toxic chemical use, and reduction of energy consumption.

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