NF Energy is a leading integrated solutions provider in the field of energy conservation; a manufacturer of 20% energy saving flow control systems (advanced valves for pipelines that transport heat, gas, oil and water) and wind power components like their 1.5 MW and GW200 series systems; a provider of sophisticated energy auditing methodologies and subsequent conservation planning/energy management services; a Chinese Representative Firm of The World Bank / Global Environment Facility (GEF), and a Member of the Chicago Climate Exchange (CCX).

The China State Council’s 11th 5-year plan (05-10) allocated a whopping 1 trillion Renminbi to produce targets for energy conservation and emission reductions, and the Shenyang, Liaoning Province-based NF Energy is well-positioned with the core competencies, infrastructure and offerings to gobble up a big slice of that pie.

The company has established a proven track record of handling contracts for the flow control equipment systems on two of the PRC’s largest infrastructural geoengineering projects ever undertaken, and is under contract to provide systems (including their intelligence valve, which was ranked #1 Energy Conservation Valve of China by the China Energy Conservation Association) to seven of Liaoning’s cities.

The comprehensive energy management contract (EMC) model employed by NF Energy in conservation planning is able to address the emission and energy waste reduction goals of any client, from factories to schools and hospitals, and the company has joined with other sector leaders like GE in developing the very best cutting-edge strategies which address every facet of a client’s business architecture.

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