The OLB Group, Inc. is an e-commerce service provider focused on delivering fully outsourced private label shopping solutions. Providing clients with a seamless, end-to-end e-commerce solution, including site creation, hosting, transaction processing, order fulfillment, customer service, and sales reporting, their platform enables customized product content to meet the needs of online users.

The company’s private label shopping site is designed to maintain the unique look and feel of their customer’s website, providing seamless e-commerce functionality that keeps users on the shopping site at all times. Order fulfillment and customer service are also provided under the brand names of their clients. The OLB Group’s turnkey online shopping solutions include “ShopFast Direct Shopping Database” and ShopFast PC (profit center).

ShopFast Direct Shopping Database is a collection of software programs packaged together. This software suite enables a client to create customized websites, pursuant to any specifications, for the sale of products from the OLB Database. The OLB Group works together with their clients to customize such website to include custom logos, desired design layout, and any other desired features.

ShopFast-PC enables clients to create a standard pre-designed website for the sale of products from the OLB Database. The company’s clients may choose from a selection of pre-designed logos, design layouts, and color schemes for the website. Furthermore, the client can personalize information on the website by adding its own name, slogan, and other information.

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