Perf Go Green Holdings Inc., a company dedicated to funding green initiatives that promote sustainability, is a biodegradable plastics firm. They work at developing eco-friendly, non-toxic, food contact compliant, biodegradable plastic products as a solution to eliminate plastic waste from the environment. As part of the Green Revolution, they have developed a biodegradable trash bag. It consists of recycled plastics that are biodegradable. After consumers use them and have them hauled away to trash sites, the bags completely break down within 12 to 14 months.

Perf Go Green markets and distributes a 13-gallon kitchen trash bag and a 30-gallon lawn and leaf bag. The Company seeks out mass-market retailers to market their products in the United States and Canada. Based in New York City, the company sells their trash, and lawn and leaf bags throughout different supermarkets. They also sell their products through Walgreen’s,, and, among others.

The Company’s Perf Go Green Bags have a shelf life of two years. These bags consist of recycled plastics, which combine with an oxo-biodegradable proprietary application method to produce the film for the bags. Once buried in soil, microorganisms, moisture, and oxygen biodegrade these bags, decomposing them into simple materials normally found in environments. Their product lines also include Perf Go Green Plastic Drop Cloths, Perf Go Green Commercial Trash Bags, Perf Go Green Kitty Litter Bags, and Perf Go Green Doggie Duty Bags.

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