Polar Wireless specializes in working closely with major wireless providers to eliminate roaming charges while offering competitive calling card rates to its subscribers. The company recognizes the important role of mobile devices in consumers’ everyday lives, but also the exorbitant roaming charges associated with traveling out of network. Armed with that knowledge, Polar Wireless exists to solve the problem through breakthrough technology that makes all mobile usage local.

To do so, the company developed the Polar Wireless chip: a multifunctional, miniature electronic device for mobile phones. The chip is inserted into the user’s cell phone in conjunction with the main SIM card. Installation is simple; after inserting the chip, the phone automatically initializes and asks for a pin. Beyond the initial installation, no user action is required. The thin, single-chip design, allows for compatibility with most GSM and some CDMA cell phones.

Additionally, Polar Wireless offers an auto-update feature that allows for automatic firmware updates over the air. This feature serves various purposes, from maintaining software releases to activating Polar Wireless’s features.

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