San West USA Inc. designs, manufactures, sells and repairs off-road buggies and scooters, and provides aftermarket performance parts and accessories for buggies built in China for the U.S. market.

They are leading the way in the manufacturing of aftermarket performance UTV products that require less maintenance than the off-the shelf varieties. Due to the lack of competent UTV repair shops that specializes in the repair of Asian made models, these new aftermarket performance products are desperately needed.

The acquisition of Buggy World has richly rewarded San West with annual revenues exceeding $1.6 Million, and has increased its visibility and presence in the Southern California market. The success of Buggy World is evidenced by the increased number of retail locations within California, and its booming internet presence.

Access to San West via the internet can be found at, you can also locate them on Amazon and eBay. Through their online sales channels, San West is able to have greater price elasticity and lower inventory risk, thus increasing their overall growth.

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