Save the World Air, Inc. (“STWA”) is committed to exploring and developing energy efficient technologies to use on a global scale. With a focus on petroleum, STWA provides turnkeys solution to make petroleum transport providers and wholesalers more efficient and profitable.

The company offers a variety of products and services of interest to energy, transportation, and governmental bodies. AOT™ technology presents the energy production industry with technology to enable increased throughput from existing pipelines. In support, STWA™ ELEKTRA™ technology presents heavy industry, military, and fleet transportation with a method by which to improve fuel atomization, increasing fuel burn efficacy. Both AOT™ and ELEKTRA™ present operation expense and security advantages to global corporate and military interests.

The company recognizes the correlation between the time and expense of extracting and transporting crude oil, and with this knowledge, values expediency and efficiency above all else in its business endeavors. With its innovative technologies, STWA positions itself as an industry leader with a strong global presence.

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