SupportSave Solutions Inc. provides both onshore and off-shore business process outsourcing (BPO) services to clients in the travel & hospitality, technology, financial services, retail and telecommunications industries. The company's outsourcing center in the Philippines meets the needs of small and mid-sized businesses, offering a more affordable solution with services priced at a 65% to 75% discount compared to most Indian and other Filipino BPOs.

The company offers the services of full-time dedicated representatives at $897 per head per month, or $5.18 per hour. SupportSave Solutions utilizes a Flat-Rate-Per-Month service model to make outsourcing affordable for small businesses, but eliminates default risk by requiring its clients to pre-pay for monthly service. SSVE facilities operate 24/7, providing the flexibility to support a wide variety of client businesses.

SupportSave Solutions intends to grow both organically and through acquisitions. The Company has identified acquisition targets that would further expand its client base and contribute to earnings. With strong underlying growth in the BPO market, competitive positioning as a low-cost leader and a full range of services, SupportSave Solutions is well positioned for revenue and earnings growth.

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