Tactical Air Defense Services, Inc. is a publicly-traded Aerospace/Defense Contractor that offers Tactical Flight Training, Aircraft Maintenance, Air-to-Air Refueling, Aerial Fire-Fighting, and Disaster Relief Services to the U.S. Department of Defense and U.S. approved Allied Countries, in addition to other Federal and State Agencies. TADS is certified by the United States Government as a private-sector military contractor and has been granted the required security clearances.

TADS has recruited a team of experienced military and aviation personnel with which to operate its specialty aerial support services business. With access to U.S. military aircraft and highly experienced military pilots, proprietary training and maintenance protocols, TADS has established itself as a leader in the rapidly growing industry of government outsourcing of aerospace/defense services to the private sector.

CEO Alexis C. Korybut leads the company with a wealth of corporate, administrative, and financial management experience in both the domestic and international arenas, having achieved success at some of the most respected firms in the financial services industry. Mr. Korybut received a BA from Georgetown University in 1988 and an MBA in finance from the University of Michigan Business School in 1994. In addition to his native English, Mr. Korybut speaks French, Spanish, and Portuguese.

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