Universal Bioenergy Inc. is a development stage company engaging in the green technologies revolution. The company has their own unique process for producing biodiesel that requires less time and energy while still producing a high-quality product. The Company has their corporate headquarters in Nettleton, Mississippi.

The company conducts their processes in their state-of-the-art processing plant. It is a compactly designed plant with a smaller footprint than plants of similar capacity. Currently, the plant’s capacity is 10 million gallons per year, but can be expanded as required. They plan to expand potential production capacity to 50 million gallons per year as soon as it is economically prudent for the company.

Universal Bioenergy’s focus is on the production of biodiesel fuel mainly using soybean and other vegetable oil and grease in a refining process that produces this fuel as well as a byproduct of glycerin. They call this process their Dynamic Vibration Fusion Process (DVFP).The Company’s research and development team are working on protocols and processing techniques to improve the quality of biofuels. They are also working on more efficient production of and uses for crude glycerin. Their goal is to convert crude glycerin to other products such as kerosene and maybe even aviation fuels.

In addition, Universal Bioenergy is developing a system to use glycerin as a heat source, which would reduce energy costs to produce biodiesel. The company is further working on a biodiesel process to use feedstock containing high “free fatty acid” content. Feedstock normally needs to contain less than one percent of “free fatty acids”. However, this process will allow the use of a greater variety of lower cost feedstock.

The company also plans to distribute petroleum/biodiesel blended fuel, such as B2 and B20, through wholesale distributors, truck stops, fueling stations, and through other distribution networks.

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