Brandon Marshall, who's had clashes with coaches, teammates, and the law in the past, is having a monster season. He's second in the NFL in receptions, third in receiving yards, fourth in touchdowns, and his Chicago Bears have surprised many by jumping out to a 7-2 record.


But, when you're Brandon Marshall, bad luck just seems to find you.


On Wednesday, upon arriving in the Bears locker room after practice, Marshall was greeted by a package from his alma mater, the University of Central Florida.


Gleefully, he tweeted out to his 750,000 followers, "What a nice treat this morning waiting for me at my locker. What can it be? #UCF"


Inside the box, Marshall discovered a glitzy new UCF shirt that the school had kindly sent to one of its most successful alumni.


So, to give thanks, Marshall threw on the shirt and tweeted out a picture of himself in it. The only problem was, unbeknownst to Marshall, a naked Bears teammate was standing close enough to be seen in the background of the photo.


After a quick review, Marshall caught his photo faux pas and issued a Twitter apology a few moments later.


Sorry about my guy in the back getting dressed in that photo,” Marshall tweeted.


Mashable has a censored version of the picture. As Robbie Burns said, “The best-laid plans of mice and men/Often go awry.”