width=244Beautiful women can be good for the eyes but a new study suggests that it can be harmful to ones health that may damage your heart.

The effects are worst for those men who believe that the woman they want is out of their league.

A study conducted by scientists from the University of Valencia in Spain found out that a body stress hormone called Cortisol rises in level when a male is left alone with an attractive female in a span of just 5 minutes.

84 male students, together with one male and female stranger, took active part in the study asking each one to be in a room while solving a Sudoku puzzle.

Cortisol levels of each man were measured and it was found out that levels rose when a volunteer was left alone with the female stranger.

In this study, we considered that for most men the presence of an attractive woman may induce the perception that there is an opportunity for courtship, the researchers said.

This study showed that male cortisol levels increased after exposure to a five-minute, short social contact with a young attractive woman. It provides evidence that interpersonal interaction can influence the secretion of cortisol.

That can have adverse effects on health as it worsens various disorders, such as myopathy, adult-onset diabetes, hypertension and impotency, the research team said.

Long term relationship stress can also cause chronic levels of cortisol which may lead to impotence.