As Norwegian police ended on Thursday a six-day search for bodies on Utoya island, they were increasingly convinced that Anders Behring Breivik alone was responsible for the terror attacks.

A total of 76 people were killed July 22 in bombing in central Oslo and shooting spree at summer camp for the ruling Labor Party's youth wing on the island.

Heartwrenching stories of victims are shared by friends and family of the victims as a week has passed after the worst nightmare in the history of Norway since World War II.

Sacrificial father, compassionate youth, promising talents and emerging political stars were among killed.

Trond Berntsen, 51, was the stepbrother of Mette-Marit, Norway's crown prince and an off-duty officer on Utoya. He was with his 10-year-old son when Breivik started his killing rampage. The father saved his son's life by shielding the boy from shooting but was unable to save his own life.

Gunnar Linakar, 23, called his father during the massacre and said: “Dad, someone is shooting.” He is the son of a Labor Party activist, Roald Linakar. The father called his son “a calm, big teddy bear with lots of humor and lots of love,” according to CBS News. When he was killed, he reportedly helped shield younger campers from the mass killer’s bullets.

Norway is still in shock, still mourning for the victims from the twin attacks. Outside the city's cathedral flowers continue to be piled up. Some of the funerals of those who died were held Thursday but Norway will not forget the 76 people slain by Breivik.

The right-wing extremest intended to create splits in the nation. To his dismay, greater unity and patriotism have been brought instead.

Click on the slideshow to see the portraits of victims of the Norway massacre:

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