Rich in history and a city of impressive scale, Beijing offers a

spectacular and fascinating introduction to China.

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the once-hidden world of the vast

Forbidden City through its towering gates, intimidating walls and

exquisite architecture is a highlight of China experience. Walk across

the dramatic spaces of Tiananmen Square, admire the peak of

Ming Dynasty architecture amongst the elegant curves, green parkland

and wide avenues of the

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Temple of Heaven, and escape the Beijing bustle

in the gardens and lakeside pavilions of the Summer Palace, surrounded

by sweeping arched bridges, hilltop temples, galleries and courtyards

and royal residences. And no voyager ever forgets the exhilaration of

walking the Great Wall as it winds its ancient path across the ruggedhills to the north of the city.

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Beijing is not just about

monumental grandeur. Join us for a stroll through Liu Lichang to find a

replica antique (or perhaps the real thing?), explore the hutongs where

reminders of the old Beijing still survive, or join a chi gong group

exercising on the footpath at sunrise.

And after building up

an appetite, feast on the city’s famed roast duck at a historic

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or perhaps join your tour leader for a hearty bowl of

Beijing noodles or a Mongolian hotpot. Finish the evening with

aperformance of the Beijing Opera or Acrobatics. If shopping’s your

passion you won’t be able to escape the temptations of the famous Silk

Market …