width=160Spare tire, gut, muffin top, love handles, or chub, no matter what you call it. Nobody wants belly fat, it's everybody's nemesis.

And the woes of a tummy aren't limited to keeping your favorite designer jeans in the closet.

Abdominal fat can sack your health, leading to things like heart disease and diabetes, and now you can add asthma to the list too.

Reporting in the journal Thorax, scientists found obese or overweight women, i.e. larger waist sizes, were more likely to develop asthma.

To make matters worse, researchers say obesity makes the symptoms of asthma more severe. Obese women were more likely to have urgent medical visits and hospital admissions due to asthma.

So be mindful if you're getting a little belly, because the results also show even being modestly overweight increases asthma risk.

I'm not a woman, but I've noticed if I get hurt and can't go to the gym, plus I put on some weight, I get a little winded walking to my car or going up stairs.