Ben Affleck has made millions acting and directing big Hollywood blockbusters like “The Town” and “Argo,” but the actor's changing his lifestyle and plans to live off of $1.50 a day.

Affleck is attempting the financial challenge to raise awareness for the Global Poverty Project “Live Below the Line” campaign. The actor announced his support of the Eastern Congo Initiative on Twitter.

The challenge includes only spending $1.50 on food and drinks for a total of five days. According to the charity's website, that figure is equivalent to the U.S.' extreme poverty line and the 2005 international extreme poverty line.

“It’s impossible to imagine, but that’s the reality for an incredible number of people,” the charity said in a statement. “And for people who live in extreme poverty that $1.50 has to cover far more than food and drink — we’re talking everything — health, housing, transport, food, education.”

Other celebrities, including “One Tree Hill” actress Sophia Bush; singer Josh Groban; “Entourage” actress Debi Mazar; and the son of Vice President Joe Biden, Hunter Biden, also pledged to join the campaign, Yahoo reports.

“Join me and take a stand for the children around the world who don’t have a voice,” Bush said in a PSA for the project. “Let’s end extreme poverty in this generation.”

Michael Trainer, U.S. country director of the Global Poverty Project, said last year 15,000 people participated in the project, helping to raise more than $3 million.

The challenge begins April 29 and ends May 3. “Live Below the Line” said it has raised more than $158,000 so far this year.