//cdn.content.compendiumblog.com/uploads/user/64f9471c-6a7f-4688-913f-4fb5fcd0a3d1/a3ba35ca-5643-4e56-91ac-ebd6b513335f/Image/bfdb52321612499ebd3e5836e8463024_w640.jpegHe also said: Unless we as a nation make a strong commitment to fiscal responsibility, in the longer run, we will have neither financial stability nor healthy economic growth.

No kidding. As I watched the testimony, he also could not explain why the price of gold was going up in value. I can! Mr. Bernanke, please read back to yourself what you just stated! A gold coin is going up in value because you are showering us with helicopter money - plain and simple!

A gold inflation hedge is what we are doing as Americans. That is why the gold coin price is going higher! $2000 gold? It may happen!