Ben & Jerry's new Limited Batch flavor is Cannoli ice cream. The ice cream is mascarpone based with fudge and is with covered cannoli pieces, in addition to a  mascarpone swirl.


The newest flavor, announced Tuesday, will be available for three to four months in the U.S., and it has already begun to hit shelves.


“Making its way to a freezer near you is our newest limited batch flavor: Cannoli! Our latest take on this classic pastry is Mascarpone Ice Cream with Fudge Covered Cannoli Pastry Chunks & a Mascarpone Swirl,” the company posted on its Facebook page.


Those who are familiar with the latest and greatest Ben & Jerry’s flavors might think it’s the same as “Holy Cannoli,” but that one “bombed,” so the innovators have decided to mix it up a bit and try a different recipe.


On the Ben & Jerry's Facebook page they wrote, "We made a cannoli flavor with ricotta before and it bombed. It was called Holy Cannoli. This is a new take on it and we think it tastes better than Holy Cannoli did. We hope you do too!"


The Huffington Post asked Ben & Jerry's spokeswoman Liz Stewart why the innovators attempted to remake a cannoli flavored ice cream and she responded via email:


“Whenever we develop a new flavor, we start with a big, sky’s-the-limit idea and narrow it down from there. So, before Holy Cannoli was Holy Cannoli years ago, we had LOTS of different batches of what we thought a cannoli-flavored ice cream might taste like. Putting out a different cannoli ice cream flavor is our chance to show our fans just how much we love playing with our food: we love it so much that we don’t just stop at one final flavor!”