Bergio International Inc. is leading jeweler creating one of the world’s largest diversified jewelry designers and manufacturers through acquisitions and consolidation in the estimated $160 billion a year, highly fragmented mom and pop jewelry industry. Bergio currently sells its jewelry to approximately 150 independent jewelry retailers across the country.

The company announced today the signing of a letter of intent to acquire Advanced Integrated Solutions (AIS) for the purpose of building out Bergio’s newly formed web property. AIS is a technology firm specializing in business applications, e-commerce, web development and internet networking.

Bergio feels this acquisition is the first step in establishing a vertically integrated universal web property that could be used by future acquisitions, allowing its targets a furthering competitive edge within the marketplace. With recent online successes such as, and with the company’s plan to roll-up the fragmented jewelry industry, it became clear that Bergio recognized an opportunity to launch a web property this year to compete effectively within the marketplace on an international level.

The company’s CEO, Berge Abajian, stated, “The acquisition of AIS is a very important step in aligning Bergio’s short-term goals with our long-term vision. This acquisition will give Bergio the much needed internal infrastructure to accommodate future growth and be an instrumental element of the much anticipated launch of our e-commerce site.”