What people can say with a straight face.  Today Ben Bernanke was asked what he thinks about gold and if he could explain why gold is rising.He answered to the effect, he doesn't really know what gold is telling us.  Bond yields suggest an inflation rate of 2% which is not positive for gold.  Now stop right there.  Bond yields may correspond to inflation rates of 2% but anyone who believes we really do have 2% inflation, please read my recent article that contained comments by the famed Jim Rogers regarding inflation.  In short, inflation stats today are a lie.So Ben, inflation and fears of higher inflation are helping to drive gold prices higher.Ben did say there is a high level of uncertainty regarding the markets, the economy European debt issues and that's driving people to gold.  One out of two ain't bad.Did people by this nonsense?  Let's look at what the Dow did today after Ben told everyone recovery was underway and that there is really no inflation.  At one point the Dow was up some 120 points on the day and then ended the day down 40 points.At the same time the gold charts took a dip and gold prices fell further off all-time highs posted just yesterday.  When stocks rise to all-time highs and then settle back they call it profit-taking.  When gold reaches all-time highs, then settles, they immediately explain a hundred reasons why gold took such a big hit.Look at the gold charts people.  Throughout this 9 year gold bull market gold has gone up and down but steadily higher.  Now with talk of higher taxes and rising interest rates, gold is being thrown right into the Brer Patch.  Last time we had a situation where interest rates were about to rise off low levels similar to what we have now, gold rose a total of 2328%. So far in this gold bull market of nine years, gold has only risen 367% off its recent lows.  We could be in for a long ride higher.