Bernard Hopkins' recent victory over Jean Pascal at the age of 46 to claim the light heavyweight title seems straight out of a movie. 

In fact, Hopkins' career has always appeared to be eerily similar to the most famous boxing movie characters of all time - Rocky Balboa.

Compare the two:

Bernard Hopkins, in his first IBF middleweight championship against Segundo Mercado, was knocked down twice in the match, before rallying late to earn a draw.

Rocky Balboa, in his first championship fight against Apollo Creed, is an overwhelming underdog predicted to be knocked out early, but instead goes on to an intense 15 rounds of boxing, earning a split decision loss.

Bernard Hopkins, in a re-match with Mercado, earns a technical knockout to win his first title.

Rocky Balboa, in a re-match with Apollo Creed, knocks out Creed to win his first title.

Bernard Hopkins won a unanimous decision in a title unification bout with up and coming boxer Keith Holmes, who later faded into oblivion.

Rocky Balboa knocked out up and coming boxer James Clubber Lang, who later faded into oblivion in the series as well as Rocky fans' minds.

Bernard Hopkins, facing off against Felix Trinidad in a highly publicized fight, came in as an underdog, but went on to the greatest win of his career.

Rocky Balboa, facing off against Ivan Drago in a highly publicized fight pitting USA vs. Russia, came in as an underdog, but went on to the greatest win of his career.

Bernard Hopkins, after his great victory, continued to fight at lower weight classes having moderate success.

Rocky Balboa, essentially retires after his big fight with Ivan Drago, but knocks out his former student Thomas Tommy Gunn in a street fight to teach him a lesson.

Bernard Hopkins, at the age of 46, wins a unanimous decision over Jean Pascal, becoming the oldest boxer ever to earn a title bout.

Rocky Balboa, 20 years out of boxing, comes out of retirement to face the heavyweight champion Mason The Line Dixon and accomplishes an amazing feat in going toe to toe with a boxer half his age, taking the fight into the final round, before losing a hard earned split decision. 

If both could fight in a title bout today, what would happen?  If both fought in their primes, what would happen? 

Bernard Hopkins vs. Rocky Balboa - Who will win?