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12 Incredible Ways Russia Is Defending The Olympics From "Black Widow" And Other Terrorists

When the Sochi Winter Olympics kicked off in style Friday evening, attendees were surely conscious of the overarching threat of terrorism that has overshadowed Russia’s preparations for the games. But the Russians have gone to extraordinary lengths to ensure the safety of athletes and spectators against the very real threat of “black widows” and other terrorists. The government even has gone so far as to employ unmanned overhead drones and Internet hacking. It's also added warships off the coast of the Black Sea, and commandos in the nearby mountains.

Wall Street Exodus: Young Bankers Growing More Disenchanted, Flocking To Silicon Valley, According To New Book

Kevin Roose’s new book, “Young Money,” tells the cautionary tales of young bankers who have become disillusioned with life inside Wall Street’s lucrative but embattled banks. Worn down by public outrage at the financial services industry, the long hours and the smaller bonuses, and nagged by their consciences, many are quitting their jobs or planning their escape.

22 Responses To Buzzfeed's 22 Messages From Creationists On Evolution And The Origin Of Life

Evolutionist Bill Nye “the science guy” and creationist Ken Ham went head-to-head on Tuesday night to discuss the topic: “Is creation a viable model of origins?” While Nye may have had the overwhelming support of the crowd, Ham was the underdog and had nothing to lose. After the show was over, the messages came flooding in on Buzzfeed. Here are some of the best responses.

Boeing's Internal War: Seattle Engineers Point Finger At South Carolina's Shoddy Work On The 787 Dreamliner

From battery malfunctions to cracked cockpit glass, the 787 Dreamliner has been through a lot since it launched. As Boeing’s PR machine tried to downplay the problems, a new internal problem threatens to undermine the Boeing and the aircraft. Boeing’s Seattle-based workers have complained that the standard of work by Charleston, S.C., workers on the 787 fuselage has been inadequate and is causing delays for delivery.

Cigarette Taxes And Smoking: These Two Maps Will Show Exactly How Taxes Are Discouraging Smoking [MAPS]

As the number of smokers declines in America, taxes have steadily been going up, but for the first time in 2012, as shown in the linked maps, the level has dipped below 20 percent. It it appears that those high taxes have influenced the decrease in smoking.