It's the last day of International CES, CNET has announced their best of show awards, and we still don't have a new iPad, so we've put together our own best of CES in pictures. There was so much on offer at this year's show, there is no way to produce a comprehensive list, but we've got some high quality photos of some awesome new products you may see on the shelves before the year is out. There were just as many gizmos, gadgets and accessories at CES as there were 60 HDTVs and notebook computers. But, new smartphones and tablets always generate a palpable buzz because they are not as expensive as televisions and laptops. Many mobile devices will debut next month at the Mobile World Congress in Spain, but a few leaked out at CES like the Motorola Droid 4 and Droid Razr Maxx.

Lenovo has a new notebook with a double hinge so you can bend the screen all the way back, flip it over and use it as a touchscreen tablet. It's called the Yoga, and when the screen goes all the way back, the keyboard switches off, and the touchscreen becomes the only interface with the device. Nikon debuted a new flagship camera, called the D4, and it's a powerful DSLR with a 16 megapixel sensor and 10 frames per second shooting. Additionally, new tablets were announced by Pantech, Toshiba, Asus, Samsung and Fujitsu.

The Fujitsu Arrows is a waterproof 10-inch tablet device running the Android system, and has 4G LTE connectivity. Many of the devices debuting at CES will be out before summer, and some even in the next few weeks. Unfortunately, some items arrive at the show, and then disappear forever. Whether those items were too expensive to produce, or were just not very popular is hard to say, but it's part of the fun at CES. Which items do you look forward too seeing in real life? Tell us in the comments.  

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