The Building Blocks Of Inebriation.

Requires: Alcohol, a sharpie, and a Jenga set.

First off, come up with about 15 to 20 good rules and challenges. Most will involve taking a drink every time a piece is pulled out of the Jenga tower, taking two pieces each turn, although some could involve making the person do a dance or even take off a piece of clothing. Whatever you decide. Just make sure everyone agrees and each one is written on the Jenga pieces. Ideally, this game is played in teams of two. Whichever team knocks over the set has to finish their drinks.  

Anderson Cooper New Year’s Eve Drinking Game

Requires: Alcohol and a TV.

Just follow these rules or make your own.

1. Take a sip every time Anderson Cooper says “um” or “em." Also, have a sip every time the ball at Times Square is shown on TV.

2. Drink one gulp for every mention of social media: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram. Or for every time Kathy Griffin makes Anderson Cooper visibly awkward. Also reserve some of your beverage every time Cooper giggles nervously.

3. Drink two gulps every time Cooper holds up any kind of prop or picture. 

4. Drink three gulps if someone swears.

5. Take a shot if Ebola, ISIS, or any other of the year’s big news stories are mentioned. Also take a shot if Griffin mentions the White House or reads Cooper's tweets.

6. Take two shots if Griffin simulates a sexual act on Anderson Cooper or if she starts to strip.

7. Finish your drink if Kathy Griffin touches Anderson on his crotch.


Requires: Alcohol, a deck of cards and a glass or bowl. 

This is simple game. Sit in a circle with your drinking buddies with a shuffled deck of cards at the ready. In the middle have a very large glass or bowl. Flip the first card and let the game begin. The first person must decide whether they want to go higher or lower. Before you pick up your card, pour a certain amount of your drink into the middle cup or bowl based on how confident you’re feeling. If you’re wrong, you chug everything in the middle.

Cheers To The Governor.

Requires: Alcohol and a good memory.

Again, get in a circle with your friends. You will be counting from 1-21 around the circle. To start with, number seven and 14 have switched places. Once you make it round the circle the person at 21 shouts “cheers to the governor” and everyone takes a drink. Then the governor position switches from 21 to 1 and that person gets to make a new rule. For example, instead of saying 11, you have to shout Anderson Cooper or do a little a dance. You can make any rule you want. The game continues, adding new rules after every rotation. If a mistake is made, that person takes a drink and the counter starts again. It’s better to keep the rules simple and memorable.

Shot Roulette

Requires: Alcohol, shot glasses and a bottle. 

Make a large circle with shot glasses filled with variety of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks. Take turns at spinning a bottle. Drink whatever it lands on until all the drinks are gone.