At a packed press event in Barcelona Sunday, Samsung revealed the Galaxy S7 to the world, with waterproofing, a microSD card slot and new virtual reality features. Those looking for the best Samsung Galaxy S7 deals will want to order sooner rather than later, however, as the best offers won’t last for long. 

Samsung is offering a free Gear VR headset (worth $99) and six games (worth around $150) with every S7 pre order from February 23 to March 18. The company has yet to announce direct pricing details, but the deal will be a good way to get a top VR experience out of the box.

T-Mobile has one of the best S7 offers on the market, with a full year of Netflix on top of the Samsung VR goodies. T-Mobile is offering the S7 at a full retail price of $669.99 spread out over 24 months, with buyers paying $27.92 for the first 23 and $27.83 for the final month. Best of all, there’s no down payment. The S7 edge is also available for $779.99 total over 24 months, paying $32.50 for the first 23 and $32.49 for the last month.

Those looking to pay a bit less may want to check out AT&T’s offer instead. The carrier is offering the S7 for just $23.17 for “well qualified customers” through the Next 24 plan, or $26.50 for the S7 edge. AT&T will also offer a variety of alternative options, including plans that involve a down payment.

Sprint has a top deal for those who want more than one Galaxy S7. Customers can pick up a S7 or S7 edge and get a second one at half price, an ideal bundle for families. The carrier has also revealed a new “Galaxy Forever” program, where the user can upgrade to the following Galaxy phone after making 12 payments on their current device. That keeps the user up to date with the latest Samsung device available.

The S7 is $25.99 per month for 24 months with “Galaxy Forever,” or $27.09 per month for 24 months for those who’d prefer to own the phone rather than lease it. The S7 edge is $30.50 per month on “Galaxy Forever” and $31.25 per month outside the program.

Verizon, like Samsung, has yet to announce pricing, but like other retailers pre orders will start February 23. With every pre order, Verizon will offer an optional memory bundle or a charging bundle.

The $79.99 memory bundle packs in a choice of case up to $39.99, a 32GB microSD card worth $39.99 and a choice of screen protector up to $34.99. The $99.99 charging bundle packs in a Samsung Wireless Fast Charging Stand worth $69.99, a 10,220 mAh power pack worth $79.99 and fast charging car charger worth $34.99.