St. Louis Arch park

St. Louis, Missouri is home to the famous Gateway Arch, Cardinal's baseball, and Ram's football. St. Louis is an amazing city and I totally recommend a visit if you have never done so. It also offers several great running and bicycle trails as well. Below are the best and safest places to run in the St. Louis area.

Best Places to Run in St. Louis

  1. Riverfront Trail: Runs eleven miles from the Gateway Arch to Riverfront Park in North St. Louis. The trail is accompanied by great sight seeing and a pleasant atmosphere. 
  2. Hawk Ridge Trail: Located in Queeny Park, this four-mile trail has plenty to offer its fitness enthusiasts. The trail is mainly gravel with a few challenging inclines. The difficulty of this trail is easy to moderate, but a must do.
  3. Forest Park Loop: A five- to seven-mile trail surrounded by trees and significant monuments and statues. The East Walk Map helps depict the history that surrounds the trail as well. Definitely put this trail on your to do list.