A friend of mine who also shares similar views on economic policy turned me on to this video. It was filmed late last year & it is a true gem! If you spend the 62 minutes to watch it, you will know an immense amount more than you did about what is important, what is constitutional money really is and about it's roots. Here's a primer on the presentation:

The lecture was delivered by Edwin Vieira, Jr., J.D., Ph.D, the author of the definitive work on Constitutional money, Pieces of Eight: The Monetary Powers and Disabilities of the United States Constitution. Dr. Vieira's lecture explores the development of the American monetary system from colonial times through the creation of the Federal Reserve System, explaining the constitutional underpinnings of our money and the erosion of that legal framework over 200+ years of monetary history. He also explains his plan to return to sound money, outlining the grim ramifications of continuing on a fiat money standard.

Dr. Vieira ended with the following (with which I completely concur): So I would suggest that you people and the people you talk to should begin thinking about just what we're going to do to correct this situation before the roof falls in. Look around folks. Roofs are caving in worldwide. Call us at Lear Capital today to own real money - physical gold!