The best way to buy Gold is to aquire it as cheap as possible. There are several factors influencing the effective price, and one of them is of overpowering importance. But the first question is, which type of physical Gold is relatively cheap to aquire?

width=400Gold Form

In order to get as much precious metal as possible for a given amount, it is important to buy gold in a form that comes with a small premium. The goal is to minimize the expenses for manufacturing and marketing costs, in order to pay primarily for the actual gold contained in the gold item. Exclusive and rare Gold coins come with the highest premiums since they have the most intricate designs and command the greatest collector interest. Gold bullion rounds, like American Gold Eagles, South African Krugerrands or Austrian Philharmonics, have lower premiums since their primary value is in their gold content. Gold bars have the lowest premiums of all since they are simple to produce and have the largest size per piece, for example the common one kilogram bar equals some 30 coins.

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