Bethenny Frankel recently suffered an embarrassing wardrobe malfunction and accidentally flashed the Anderson show audience, but said she should get some credit for wearing underwear because Jersey Shore star Snooki wouldn't be wearing any.

Frankel, the 41-year-old star of the show Bethenny Ever After, was talking about her unusual talents such as twisting a cherry stalk with her tongue and doing push-ups at parties.

I've been known to be dancing and in the middle ... just start doing some push-ups, Frankel said. Everyone is doing their moves on the dance floor, someone gets in the middle, and I don't really have that kind of a move. I'm more oa freestyle, just general dancer. I don't have a move.

Host Anderson Cooper then challenged Frankel to a push-up contest after asking how many she could do.

She then jumps down to the floor an in the process exposed her pink underwear.

An embarrassed Frankel asked How did it look?

Listen, Snooki wouldn't even be wearing underwear, Frankel said. So give me some credit. OK. I am wearing underwear.

Frankel then continued the push-up challenge.

Watch the extended flash clip posted on below: