Times they are a-changin' on AMC's hit series "Better Call Saul" and it's creating a lot of uncertainty in Jimmy's (Bob Odenkirk) relationship. When Season 1 came to a close the small-time attorney took a life-altering trip to his hometown where he ventured once more into the art of conning. Flash forward to Season 2, episode 1 where Jimmy's living a whole new life — one that not everyone around him approves of.

The premiere opens with a glimpse into the future. Jimmy — living as his "Breaking Bad" alter ego Saul Goodman — is working at a mall Cinnabon. Although he is gainfully employed, he still appears to be down on his luck. In the black and white montage Saul is working the closing shift at the mall-food chain. He bids farewell to two other employees before heading for the garbage room where he finds himself trapped for some time. During his time locked in the small cement-walled room he finds a screw and decides to etch "S.G. [Saul Goodman] was here" onto an already tagged up wall. 

We then jump back into the present — Jimmy has turned down a position within a major law firm and is living the dream. He spends his days lounging in a hotel pool, sipping fruity drinks and chowing down on extravagant accouterments. Jimmy's relaxation is abruptly interrupted by an angry Kim (Rhea Seehorn) who wants to know what he's thinking. She jokes that he's going through a mid-life crisis, which he simply calls "clarity." Kim declines Jimmy's offer to get in the pool, instead urging him to meet her at the bar. He obliges and they chat about his future over drinks. 

Kim questions Jimmy about his new lifestyle and whether or not it has anything to do with his visit to Cicero in Season 1, episode 10. He does not divulge the details of his trip — or that Marco (Mel Rodriguez) died during it — assuring her that his hometown visit is not at all linked to his career change. Jimmy never really tells Kim he's considering returning to his old ways, but decides to let her into his world just a little bit. Together the duo pull a  con on an obnoxious business man sitting at the bar conducting deals. Jimmy tells him he and Kim are brother and sister and have recently inherited a large sum of money ($1.4 million, to be exact) from a dead South African uncle. The dollar amount peaks the interest of the eager finance-bro who invites Jimmy and Kim to sit with him and talk shop. Together they craft an elaborate lie about a made up family, fictional money and how they plan to invest and diversify all the while sipping on the bar's most expensive tequila.

The con seemingly brings them back to a happy place in their relationship, but it's clear Jimmy's still questioning his career path. While Kim rushes off to work, he decides to spend another day floating in the hotel pool. After urging his gal-pal to join him in a series of unanswered voicemails Jimmy decides maybe it's time to go legit again. He makes a call to the same law firm he previously shot down to take them up on their offer. At the episode's closing Jimmy is shown around a lavish office, where he's offered a company car, his choice of snacks, and free reign over the appearance of his elaborate office.

Are things finally looking up for Jimmy? Tune in next Monday at 10 p.m. on AMC for more "Better Call Saul."