Jimmy McGill (Bob Odenkirk) is living dangerously during Season 2, episode 2 of AMC's "Better Call Saul," and it's not sitting well with girlfriend Kim Wexler (Rhea Seehorn). Could he be playing with fire?

Things finally seem to be falling into place for Jimmy. He's got a new job, a new temporary pad and a shiny new Mercedes Benz — but something's still missing. Jimmy can't seem to find the thrills he seeks by living by the book. Despite praise from his new boss after obtaining a solid lead on a case, the "morally flexible" attorney jumps at the chance to take on a questionable pro bono case outside of Davis and Mane. 

During the episode, Jimmy gets a call from Mike (Jonathan Banks), questioning whether or not he'd like to lend him a hand. Mike explains to him that he's got an acquaintance of sorts who's in need of the legal council of someone who doesn't live and work by the book. The parking lot attendant explains to him that Dan (Mark Proksch) was robbed of his prized baseball card collection after a drug deal gone awry. Mike was able to get the cards back, but can't seem to get the police off Dan's back. That's where Jimmy comes in. 

He and Dan head down to the precinct where the collector/part-time drug dealer attempts to back pedal about the stolen cards. The cops clearly aren't buying it, so Jimmy steps in and does his thing. After sending Dan out of the room to indulge in the complimentary police station food and drink, Jimmy explains to the examining officers that the card-theft was nothing more than a "lovers quarrel." He tells the police that Dan is involved with an "art patron," for whom he makes artistic videos. He alleges that Dan performs something called a cry baby squat cobbler on camera, which involves sitting on pies and crying. Although the police are confused, they are officially off Dan's trail. There is, however, one major problem — Jimmy now has to produce at least one of these videos for evidence. 

After doing the deed Jimmy settles in with Kim at his new place. The pair chat about their day over banana cream pie and Kim is all smiles until she learns that her beau "fabricated evidence." Jimmy fails to see the severity in what he's done, which troubles Kim. She worries that his new employers could find out what he's done and fire him — or worse, have him disbarred. He tries to reason with her, reminding her that she was a-OK with his loose morals during their con in episode 1, which she insists was "different."

"I cannot hear about this sort of thing ever again, OK?" she pleads. "I mean it, Jimmy."

Will Jimmy's thrill-seeking ways tear him and Kim apart? Tune in next Monday at 10 p.m. EST on AMC for more "Better Call Saul."