Fans watching the midseason finale of “The Walking Dead” Sunday night got a sneak peek at another AMC show’s premiere. The network aired the first sneak-peek video from the “Breaking Bad” spinoff, “Better Call Saul,” during the zombies show’s last episode of the year. The new promo gives fans their first taste of an old fan favorite character in the new, much-anticipated series.

Fans are likely equally, if not more, excited for the return of Mike Ehrmantraut, played by Jonathan Banks, than they are to see Saul Goodman (Bob Odenkirk) back. The rough-around-the-edges fixer became a mainstay in the later seasons of “Breaking Bad” and a popular character in his own right. While fans have known for a while that Banks would reprise his role on “Better Call Saul,” the new clip is the first viewers have seen of Mike in the new show.

Check out 4 things fans learned from the new “Better Call Saul” video:

1. Saul And Mike Meet On Screen

The new clip appears to be the first time Saul and Mike meet on screen. “Breaking Bad” fans know the two will form an uneasy, but long lasting, professional relationship in the future when Mike becomes Saul’s fixer, but in the promo the two aren't on the best of terms. The pair get into a dispute over Saul trying to park his car, which brings us to …

2. Mike’s Old Job

It looks like Mike is a parking attendant when Saul meets him. Saul is trying to park his car in the lot, but evidently has some outstanding fines at the lot and Mike isn't budging. Fans probably enjoyed seeing the hardened Mike rolling his eyes again at the garish lawyer as he makes a scene trying to get into the lot.

3. Mike’s “Skills”

It isn’t just Mike’s attitude that’s back, but his unique set of skills. When Saul goes a little too far in his parking protest, getting out of the car and leaving it parked in front of the lot entrance, Mike calmly pins the lawyer on the ground, painfully holding Saul’s arm behind his back. That’s the Mike fans know and love!

4. Same Old Saul

Throughout the whole scene, Saul Goodman is the same sarcastic, hilariously obnoxious character “Breaking Bad” viewers have come to love. As usual, we find him throwing sass and asking questions later, a strategy that rarely works out for the sleazy attorney. After dismissing Mike, Saul ends up on the ground, but apparently doesn’t learn his lesson as fans will remember that Saul underestimated Walter White (Bryan Cranston) as well before waking up in the middle of the desert with a bag over his head. Then again, that encounter ended with Saul representing Walter White, and fans know Mike will eventually work for Saul, so maybe the lawyer knows what he’s doing!

Watch the new “Better Call Saul” sneak-peek video below:

“Better Call Saul” will kick off with a two-night premiere on Feb. 8 and Feb. 9. Following the special debut, the show will assume a regular time slot on Monday nights on AMC.

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