Betty Ford's funeral included a motorcade which was carrying the former First Lady and wife of the late President, Gerald R. Ford. It was a five-mile trip to the presidential museum from the Grace Episcopal Church, where the funeral memorial was held.

Hundreds of people lined the streets, cameras in hand, as they stood behind a metal barricade as Ford's casket passed them by. Ford passed away last Friday at the age of 93.

The funeral which is currently underway, takes place in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Ford will be buried beside her late husband on the museum grounds. The Grace Episcopal Church was where the memorial took place, and was the same location where her husband was memorialized after his death in 2006. The Fords lived in Michigan, near Grand Rapids' populace, and were married at the Grace Episcopal Church. 

The burial service will include only the family and closest friends.

Speakers at the memorial event included Lynne Cheney, wife of former Vice President Dick Cheney, and historian Richard Norton Smith.

Betty Ford's life and death was honored in a California church on Tuesday, where George Bush, First lady, Michelle Obama and the Secretary of State Hillary Clinton attended the event to pay tribute to the former First Lady.

President Gerald Ford took office in 1974. His wife is remembered for her activism, especially for women, and for her work with drug and alcohol treatment. She pioneered efforts to raise awareness of breast cancer after she suffered from the disease in 1974.  She founded the Betty Ford Center for drug and alcohol rehabilitation in California.