width=200With the news that many large buckets of popcorn contain 1,800 calories, movie theaters in the UK are being urged to offer calorie information.

Typical movie snacks include:

  • Large popcorn: around 1,800 calories - the entire daily energy requirement of an average 5-10 year old.
  • Nachos: 716 calories - a big pasta dinner.
  • Large cola: 328 calories - enough for a light lunch (sandwich and fruit).

Of course for most of us, a trip to the movies isn't a daily event. But, should snacks really come in such supersized portions? How many kids even need the smallest size of cola, let alone the largest?

If you want to ensure that the only horror at the theater is on the big screen, rather than in your supersized snacks try:

  • Buying the smallest size of snack. It's not better value if you pay more for food you don't need or even want.
  • Going for diet sodas, or better water, to quench your thirst.
  • Taking in your own snacks where this is allowed - a small bag of airpopped corn will fill you up without containing many calories.

What's your favorite movie theater snack? How do you - or how can you - make it healthier?