King Bey is in the clear after it was reported that her video shoot at New York’s Coney Island left two Ferris wheel riders stuck in the air for almost 30 minutes.

The drama all began following reports by media outlets such as the Daily Mail that a Wonder Wheel passenger, identified by the New York Post as Dorris Hone, was left stranded on the Coney Island for close to half an hour on Thursday night when Beyonce’s beauty team took over the Ferris wheel ahead of her shooting a scene for a video.

But a statement posted on the Facebook page of Deno’s Wonder Wheel Amusement Park on Friday offered a totally different side of the story, saying no rider was actually stuck on the wheel as a result of Beyonce’s makeup team.


The statement explained that the “paparazzi and media excitement” of Beyonce’s visit to the park on Thursday “caused a slight delay while the amusement-park ride operators secured the entrance and exit areas.”

It added: “Normal wait times for guests on the Wonder Wheel is 5 minutes, and due to the extra press following Beyonce, the wait time extended to 8 minutes. The Park operators and owners apologize for the extra 3 minute delay for those riding the Wonder Wheel, while the entrance area was being secured of cameras and photographers who might interrupt the safe operation of the ride.”

So there you have it. Even during a visit to Coney Island, Beyonce knows how to share the theme-park fun!