Beyoncé, who is struggling to have a second child, is reportedly jealous of Kim Kardashian who got pregnant with her second baby before the singer. The news comes amid reports that Beyoncé and her husband Jay Z are considering a surrogate.

“Unfortunately Bey and Jay have struggled to get pregnant this time around. They are seeing their doctor and doing everything they can to have a baby. Beyoncé is actually jealous that Kim got pregnant and she hasn’t,” a source told Hollywood Life. The “Flawless” singer has a 3-year-old daughter, Blue Ivy, with her rapper husband Jay Z. “She’s happy for Kim but also a little envious,” the source reportedly said. “In the end Beyoncé thinks it will happen and she will soon have another little baby to love.”

Before announcing her pregnancy, the “Keeping Up With the Kardashians” star was open about her fertility problems, and had reportedly turned to IVF treatments after struggling to have a second child. Kardashian has struggled with her reproductive health since getting pregnant with her first child, North West. She had a difficult pregnancy, gaining up to 50 pounds and going into an early labor.

According to a recent report, Beyoncé and her husband will soon welcome their second child together with the help of a surrogate.

“They were trying for several months, but Beyoncé was having trouble. She was scared about another high-risk pregnancy, so surrogacy became the best decision for them,” a source told InTouch magazine, according to Hollywood Life. “They didn’t want to take any more risks, so after all the ironclad legal documents were drawn up, it took them about two months to find the perfect woman to carry their child.”

 “The surrogate is still in the early stages of the pregnancy, so they have yet to announce it to the public,” the source said.