Beyonce baby rumors are now into overdrive following reports last week that the star was preparing to give birth to her first child with rapper husband, Jay-Z. It has been rumored that Beyonce has given birth to a baby girl named Tiana May Carter.

Since the rumor went viral, Twitter users have been sending congratulations to the mega star.

Congrats to Beyonce & Jay Z on new baby girl Tiana-May Carter, one user wrote.

Congratulations to Beyonce and Jay Z on the birth of their little princess, Tiana May Carter, wrote another.

Beyonce and JayZ, their lil baby girl Tiana May Carter, another posted. She's definitely already a superstar.

Apparently Beyonce has give birth to a baby girl. Not called it Baby B, Jayonce or BJ but....Tiana-May Carter! Congrats, another tweeted.

Some wondered about the choice of name.

Beyonce has apparently named her baby girl Tiana-May Carter. Thoughts? #beyby, a Twitter user wrote.

Then there were others who were still in doubt.

Has Beyonce given birth to a baby girl called Tiana-May Carter? one user asked.

Of course, neither Beyonce nor Jay-Z, one of the most private celebrity couple, confirmed whether a baby has been born to them.

And so, some twitter users who weren't so quick to believe that Tiana May Carter has entered the world made fun of the situation, posting a first look picture of the baby.

Someone did confirm a picture of the Tiana May Carter rumor...., on user tweeted. 

Last week, urban gossip site reported that the Baby Boy singer would be delivering her child at New York's St. Luke's Roosevelt Hospital. The report also noted singer Alicia Keys referred Beyonce to the facility after having her son there last year. also claimed that nurses and security personnel at the hospital were placed on alert because a high profile client was going to come in. Ever since then the hospital has been buzzing with news that Beyonce is going to be delivering her baby there, according to, which also said the celebrity VIP reserved half of the floor of the hospital's luxury labor and delivery suite.

The Daily Mail reported that Beyoncé's mother Tina, 57, sister Solange, 25, and nephew Julez were recently seen in the city, giving weight to the rumor that the baby might already be here on is on the way. That report noted that Tina and Solange were seen leaving vintage store Stella Dallas in New York City.

Beyonce told fans in September, In a clip from her Live at Roseland DVD, that she was six months pregnant. That would mean her due date is around this time.

For months Beyonce hid her pregnancy until she revealed it at the MTV Video Music Awards in August, breaking Twitter records for the most tweets per second.

Soon after rumors started to surface that Beyonce's pregnancy was a fake because her belly appeared to have collapsed while sitting down for an interview with an Australian TV host.

The Love On Top singer has since addressed the rumors with Katie Couric, calling them ridiculous.

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