Father Jay-Z reportedly rented out an entire hospital floor so his wife, Beyonce, could have their baby in private. She checked in under the name of Ingrid Jackson, according to reports. Hospital staff was required to turn in mobile phones before going in. But then the fake delivery rumors died, and Beyonce and Jay-Z became proud parents in reality -- baby girl Blue Ivy Carter was born after Beyonce's c-section.

The privacy sought by Beyonce and Jay-Z, both mega-music stars in their own right, is indicative of how their relationship has been handled from the start. It's one reason observers believe the marriage has remained so strong over the years considering the fame of both. Beyonce's career has been hers, and Jay-Z's career has been his.

Public appearances together have been limited, and they've worked hard to keep the focus on their own respective careers. But everything seems to be changing now with birth of Blue Ivy. The world may have changed for the superstars and how they manage the public together when their baby was born Saturday night. 

No longer will it be Jay-Z on one hand and Beyonce on the other in the public eye. The new baby just brought them together in the public eye as a couple and professionally. Already, the question is being asked: How long before Blue Ivy Carter has a hit song?

One thing is clear about Beyonce and Jay-Z: They do know how to handle fame. But this child may have so much natural talent that there may be no keeping her down for long. Michael Jackson was just a child when he hit the stage, riveting fans with ABC and more. Its likely that as soon as Ivy Blue Carter starts talking, fans will be listening for a tune.

Perhaps Beyonce and Jay-Z and Blue Ivy will unite one day in coming years for a Christmas album, family soul-style. One thing is certain, though: The empire, both New York and music, will not be the same considering Blue Ivy is the product of rare musical talent. Beyonce and Jay-Z may try to keep her out of the limelight, but it's doubtful that will be possible for too many years. 

Eventually, she'll start singing. Then, there will be no keeping her back. So it's not a matter of if the child will have a hit song at a young age but when. It's also likely that her first song appearance will be as part of the family -- with Jay-Z and Beyonce joining Blue Ivy on the same tracks.

So, how long to you think it will be before Blue Ivy Carter has a hit song?