Beyonce has launched a new Tumblr page, and it's all sorts of personal. From photos with Jay-Z to a video of her glowing belly months before the birth of Blue Ivy, Beyonce has given fans an inside look at her very private life. (PHOTO:

By now, you've probably browsed through (more than once) all the personal photos and videos Beyonce Knowles has shared on her new Tumblr account.

To mark the fourth anniversary of her marriage to Jay-Z, was launched overnight on Wednesday. Beyonce's official Twitter page also kicked into full gear.

From private vacation photos, to snapshots of her family, to a video of Beyonce finding a blue ivy plant (months before Blue Ivy Carter was born), the interactive Tumblr page is quite the treat for fans around the world.

To my Bey Hive fans all around the world - I AM . . . ONLINE!!! Beyonce, 30, writes on her Tumblr page, which is connected to her official website,

It's been a long time coming -- but I finally have my own place on the web. This is only the beginning, we have so much planned for my site. So much already being created, so please, stay connected, stay tuned, and be good to each other. See you soon, Love Beyonce, the note reads.


Beyonce and Jay-Z on vacation. (PHOTO:

Beyonce's new Tumblr page comes nearly two months after the Carter family shared the first photos of Blue Ivy Carter on her very own Tumblr page.

We welcome you to share in our joy. Thank you for respecting our privacy during this beautiful time in our lives, Beyonce and Jay-Z wrote on in February.

Now that Beyonce has joined Tumblr, the social networking site can expect a surge in new users (aka. Bey Hives). To help these new users get started, here are 10 other celebrities to follow on Tumblr (in no particular order). Go ahead, heart (Tumblr equivalent of Like on Facebook, Favorite on Twitter) those posts.

Joseph Gordon Levitt
Actor Joseph Gordon Levitt has left his 30 Rock from the Sun days behind (way behind) in exchange for his labor of love, Hit Record, a collaborative production company that invites the public to submit material that gets re-edited, re-mixed and re-released as a project of its own. It will also be fun to follow the 31-year-old this year, as he makes his directorial debut in Don Jon's Direction, which also stars Scarlett Johansson.

Recent posts on Levitt's Tumblr page have included The Dark Knight Rises trailer in Lego form, stills from his upcoming film Looper, and footage from Occupy Wall Street, back when he was filming TDKR in New York City.

Anthony Bourdain
Food porn at its finest, and some accompanying words. This is not to be confused with fanblog, f*

Zooey Deschanel
If you're into the cute and cuddly, and occasional polaroids of the bubbly singer and actress, look no further. Aside from all the New Girl plugs (apologies, if you're a fan), Deschanel's Tumblr also shares plenty of material from her side project, Hello Giggles (also in Tumblr form).

Aziz Ansari
While Aziz Ansari has a clever choice of words for his Tumblr address, the site is anything but boring.

Kevin McHale
A lot of the Glee kids have Tumblr accounts, including Dianna Agron, Harry Shum Jr. and Amber Riley.  But the best one belongs to Kevin McHale, who plays Artie on the musical series.

In February, when M.I. A.'s music video for Bad Girls came out, McHale wrote, Dearest M.I.A. . . . YOU ARE A BADA**. This is how you make a music video!!!!!

Val Kilmer
Yup, Val Kilmer has Tumblr.

Donald Glover
Donald Glover, of Community fame, regularly updates his Tumblr with cool tunes, good photos and personal musings when he's not working on the hit show.  

John Mayer
Now is a good time to follow John Mayer. Since he's abandoned Twitter and all other social media sites (that he personally updates, anyway), the singer has been expressing his recent frustration with his throat condition via Tumblr. These days, the 34-year-old has been updating fans on his new album, Born and Raised, and the status of his new music video for Shadow Days.

Conan O'Brien
If you're one of those busy folks with no time to watch late night talk shows, Conan O'Brien's Tumblr account gives just the right dose of funny, with everything from witty fan photos to musings from the California office.

Britney Spears
Who needs Britney's Twitter and Facebook when you've got Tumblr? The singer (or her people) tend to accumulate all of her social networking activity on her Tumblr page. The latest is a Twitter conversation between Spears and Madonna, who on Thursday, asked the former to come on stage and kiss me again. I miss you!!

Bonus: Blue Ivy Carter
We couldn't let Beyonce have all the Tumblr fun. Though, Blue Ivy's Tumblr page has not been updated since her first post, when new photos of Beyonce and Jay-Z's little girl were shared with the world.