At Beyoncé’s 2014 MTV VMA performance Sunday night, one person was noticeably missing: Solange Knowles. While the singer’s younger sister made an appearance on the red carpet prior to the awards show, she was not seen inside the Forum Theater, and Jay Z and Blue Ivy sat next to Beyoncé’s friend and former Destiny’s Child group member Kelly Rowland.

Solange left before the show was over. So is she still feuding with rapper Jay Z following the infamous elevator fight in May? Sources say no. The 28-year-old reportedly was with her sister throughout the night, just not on camera. “Solange hung out backstage with her sister in her dressing room. She saw everyone and was backstage at the bar and saw Nicki and Taylor,” an insider tells Hollywood Life. Solange said she left early to work on her own music. “She had to leave because she is busy finishing up her album. She was talking to everyone and she had a great time. She was there for a little bit.”

At the Met Gala after-party in New York on May 5, Solange, Beyoncé and Jay Z got into an elevator with Beyoncé’s bodyguard, when the 27-year-old immediately began yelling at and kicking Jay Z.

In the video, Beyoncé seems to do nothing while she stands next to her husband. At one point, Beyoncé’s bodyguard has to hold Solange back. But that does not keep her from kicking Jay Z. TMZ released the black-and-white footage. It is unclear what triggered the fight, but there is no known history of Jay Z and Solange disliking one another. 

Since the incident, there have been rumors that Solange and Jay Z are still feuding. Outsiders don't really know how things are going in the Carter-Knowles household.