Beyonce's life seems like it would make the perfect reality show; new baby, thriving music career, famous husband with a successful career of his own. While fans probably won't be seeing "Keeping Up With the Knowles" anytime soon they might be able to look forward to a glimpse into the superstar's life. Beyonce is pitching a documentary looking into her life and career that she plans on producing and directing, The Huffington Post reports.

This venture won't be the singer's first experience with a biographical documentary, MTV created a short one titled "Beyonce: Year of 4" back in 2010. Still the thought of gaining even more insight into the life and work of the bootylicious star should excite long time fans of Ms Knowles.

If Beyonce's documentary does come to a theater near you it will hardly be the first time she graced the big screen; she's had roles in "Dreamgirls," "Obsessed," and the upcoming animated "Epic." Her skill as an actress was cemented when she gained a Golden Globes nomination for her performance in "Dreamgirls."

Beyonce reportedly has been showing a twenty minute clip to the people she's pitching the documentary to, says E! The film is thought to encompass not only her most recent career triumphs, but even her early days in the music industry when she shared her success with the rest of Destiny's Child.