Justin Bieber, the cute kid from Canada has really got the world grooving to his voice. There are many naysayers out there who believe that he is a temporary phenomenon. But a dekko at this MTV clip from his documentary, Never Say Never having a go at drums as a kid shows his talent.

Bieber's upcoming 3D biopic is due out next month. The film’s director John Chu has handled the project with just the right amount of fund and frolic as a biopic of 16-year-old should be. Last summer, Justin invited his fans to contribute to the movie through Twitter. He linked a video featuring the film's director on his microblogging account, in which Chu explained to the world's 'Beliebers': 'You guys have been such a big part of Justin's success that we want you to be in this film.'

Anyone interested was asked to submit home videos of themselves singing along to the teenager's hit, That Should Be Me. Within hours of the tweet the film’s website crashed due to the large response.

Teen sensations transitioning into adult stars

Teen sensations are not new to stardom or Hollywood. The trick lies in turning from teen to adulthood and managing to find an audience in the transition. The boulevards of stardom are littered with kids who fell off the wayside due to drugs, mishandled careers, drug alcohol abuse and inconsistent behavior. Lack of talent may have also figured somewhere on the list.

Demi Lovato, Lindsay Lohan (although in mind-twenties now), Miley Cyrus, Shaun Cassidy and Tiffany are some who come to mind. Britney Spears is another name whose life is a classic tale of struggle with fame.

“The odds are against him — 99 per cent of teen idols don’t make it,” said Brad Schwartz, vice-president of Much MTV Group, in a recent interview.

“Like I said, the odds are against him, but he’s certainly looking like the real deal,” Schwartz added. “It’s going to come down to his talent, it’s going to come down to what his second record sounds like, it’s going to come down to how his career is managed.”

Justin Bieber, on the other hand, can choose to emulate teen stars who have made a transition to adult careers like Justin Timberlake and Usher. Justin Timberlake along with Britney Spears was a part of Disney teens. He joined the boy band N Sync at 17 and is the only one of the band to have made it so far. Usher cut his first album at 15. Christina Aguilera also came up through the Disney way.

As Schwartz rightly puts it all depends on how his career is handled and whom he chooses to handle it.