Sad news all around for VH1 “Mob Wives” star Angela “Big Ang” Raiola: Not only has her throat cancer returned, but she and husband Neil Murphy are on the outs. The Staten Island reality star doesn't want her husband to comfort her during her second cancer battle.

“I think it’s time I just do Angela, it’s time for me to worry about Angela,” the VH1 star told Radar Online in an exclusive interview Friday. “Instead of taking care of everybody, I am taking care of myself.”

Raiola, 55, and Murphy, 43, have had a shaky relationship throughout their six years together. The duo even did a stint on VH1’s “Couples Therapy,” but it appears their marriage couldn’t be saved. “Things ain’t that great with us,” Raiola said. “Right now I just want to be by myself.”

The reality star said she always looks after everyone, but she wants to focus her energy inward. “I think it’s time I just do Angela, it’s time for me to worry about Angela,” she said.

Despite her cancer returning, Raiola said she is well. “All I care about right now are my kids, my grandchildren and staying healthy so I could see them grow up,” she said. On the premiere of “Mob Wives,” Raiola’s doctor told her she would have to drastically change her life. That means eating healthier, exercising and absolutely no smoking.

So what went wrong with her and Murphy? Raiola didn’t go into detail, but at the end of “Couples Therapy,” they told VH1 in November that they weren’t using the tools celebrity psychologist Dr. Jenn Mann taught them on the reality show. “I use the tools and she tells me, ‘Shut the f--- up,” Murphy said. “She needs to spend more time with me,” he added. “Once her career settles down we’ll have more time for each other.”

Check out her full video with VH1 below: 

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