'Big Brother' 2013 Contestants: Meet The New Houseguests For Season 15 [PHOTOS]

on June 27 2013 10:24 AM
  • aaryn
    Aaryn Gries, 22, is a college student from San Angelo, Texas. Self-described as outgoing and driven, Gries enjoys snowboarding, wakeboarding and Zumba. “I think I will go into the game with the same mentality to go into life: only focusing on myself and what I need to do to make it through,” Gries says of her strategy for winning “Big Brother.” “But I’m sure there will be moments of weakness where I second guess myself." CBS
  • Amanda Zuckerman
    Amanda Zuckerman, 28, is a real estate agent in Boynton Beach, Florida. Describing herself as confident, sexy and funny, Amanda’s strategy on winning “Big Brother” is finding “common ground with everyone” and sharing individual time “and secrets to earn their trust.” “Keep your friends close, but your enemies closer,” Amanda told CBS in her interview. CBS
  • andy herren
    Andy Herren, 26, is a professor in Chicago, Illinois. “I’m a smiley, friendly person, so nobody will see it coming when I stab them in the back,” Herren revealed of his strategy for winning “Big Brother.” CBS
  • Candice Stewart
    Candice Stewart, 29, is a pediatric speech therapist from New Orleans. Currently living in Houston, Texas, Stewart’s strategy for winning “Big Brother” is to “analyze the game as it comes.” “Be smart and quick on my feet at all times,” she told CBS. “It is a game after all.” CBS
  • David Girton
    David Girton, 25, is a lifeguard in San Diego, California. Enjoying surfing and skating in his free time, Girton is hoping that his “good looks” will take him to the end. CBS
  • Elissa Slater
    Elissa Slater, 27, is a nutritionist in North Carolian. A married mom, Slater is worried about not talking to her husband or son while in the “Big Brother” house. “I’ll be more of a listener so I can feel out what’s going on in the other houseguests’ minds,” Slater said of her strategy to win. CBS
  • GinaMarie Zimmerman
    GinaMarie Zimmerman, 32, is a pageant coordinator from Brooklyn, New York. Self-described as “crazy, sexy and cool,” Zimmerman plans on just being herself, making friends and trying to be smart in the “Big Brother” house. CBS
  • Helen Kim
    Helen Kim, 37, is a married mom and political consultant in Chicago, Illinois. Kim believes that the most difficult part of living at the “Big Brother” house will be being away from her husband and children. CBS
  • Howard Overby
    Howard Overby, 29, is a youth counselor in Hattiesburg, Mississippi. Self-described as “observant, trustworthy and reliable,” Overby plans on using his intelligence to win “Big Brother” season 15. CBS
  • jeremy McGuire
    Jeremy McGuire, 23, is a boat shop associate from Katy, Texas. A sports enthusiast, McGuire plans on being versatile and keeping in mind that he’s in the “Big Brother” house to win, not make friends. CBS
  • Jessia Kowalski
    Jessie Kowalski is an unemployed 25-year-old from Beaumont, Texas. Kowalski plans on laying low and aligning with the smartest and strongest in the “Big Brother” house. CBS
  • judd Daughtery
    Judd Daughtery, 26, is a property appraiser in Etowah, Tennessee. “My strategy is to play a complete social and strategic game, which I will be very good at,” Daughtery said of his plan to win. “I would like to find an older loyal person to work with and also have a guy who is good at competitions that’s around my age I could relate to and that is loyal, and either a really hot girl or a smart person.” CBS
  • Kaitlin Barbaby
    Kaitlin Barnaby, 23, is a bartender in Minneapolis. Barnaby plans on staying strong and focused in order to win “Big Brother” season 15. CBS
  • McCrae Olson
    McCrae Olson, 23, is a pizza delivery boy in Oak Grove, Minnesota. “My strategy is to play like James from ‘Big Brother 6,’” Olson said of his winning plan. “Play smart when you need to, play physical when you need to and lay low.” CBS
  • Nick Uhas
    Nick Uhas, 28, is an entrepreneur living in New York City. Uhas plans on making quick and personal relationships with “a very select few.” “Stick with them through the thick and thin,” he said of his winning strategy. “This is really the only way to rock n’ roll.” CBS
  • Spencer Clawson
    Spencer Clawson, 31, is a railroad conductor from Conway, Arkansas. “I’m highly competitive, assertive, very funny but I’m also polarizing,” Clawson explained of why he would make a good houseguest. “People tend to either really like me or not like me.” CBS
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CBS has introduced the full cast of “Big Brother” 2013 as the reality series enters season 15. Houseguests this year include a railroad conductor, pizza delivery boy, lifeguard and pageant coordinator.

“Big Brother” 2013 kicked off Wednesday with some new twists. This season viewers will watch as not two, but three contestants are nominated for eviction. The second twist is that “Big Brother” fans can vote each week for the MVP of the house. The houseguest with the most votes for doing the best job that week will receive the MVP title and get “a secret power.”

The 16 new contestants will live in a camera-rigged house as they compete (sometimes viciously) for a chance to walk away with $500,000.

You can catch season 15 of “Big Brother” when it airs on CBS on Sundays and Wednesdays at 8 p.m., and Thursdays live at 9 p.m. Check out the slideshow to meet the 16 “Big Brother” 2013 contestants.

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