“Big Brother Over The Top” aired its first live eviction ceremony on Wednesday night. After an emotional week in the competition, Cornbread was sent packing.

Prior to the announcement of the evictee, Alex and Morgan almost blew their cover when the former called the latter “Mo” during their first night in the “Big Brother” house. The sisters didn’t want the other houseguests to know that they are related to each other. After all, this could make them a target for the others.

Unfortunately, Jason once again busted the sisters’ cover. In Season 17, Jason was the one who confronted Liz and Julia about their task. Early on in the game, Jason already noticed some similarities between Alex and Morgan. “Are Morgan and Alex the same person? I am having Liz and Julia flashbacks!” he said.

Meanwhile, a showmance in “Big Brother Over The Top” is already brewing. Houseguest Danielle dubbed Shane as her “ideal white boy.” “I love talking to him. We gravitated towards each other. I can’t even handle how cute he is,” she said in the Diary Room. Luckily for her, Shane felt the same way towards her.

In other news, the first ever meltdown in the CBS All Access show happened just after Jason removed himself from the block. Monte, who was this week’s Head of Household (HOH), was asked to put a third houseguest in place of Jason. He chose to put Kryssie up for eviction, and the self-proclaimed funnywoman broke down. “It’s not over until it’s over. If I get evicted first, I’m going out guns ablazing,” she said.

“Big Brother Over The Top” airs live on CBS All Access weekly. The Power of Veto (POV) competition airs on Monday, followed by the Veto Meeting on Tuesday. Host Julie Chen also holds a live Q&A with the houseguests on Thursday, and Saturdays are for the Have Not and Safety Ceremonies, according to Entertainment Tonight.