Big Brother Over The Top” recently said goodbye to Alex Willett.

On Wednesday night, Alex, Morgan and Whitney were up on the chopping block, but all of the remaining houseguests decided to evict the former with a vote of four to zero for both Morgan and Whitney. Immediately after leaving the CBS All Access show, former houseguest Rachel Reilly went inside the house to host the latest Head of Household (HOH) game.

Before Wednesday’s live feeds concluded, the houseguests were all studying the items that were shown on the TV monitor inside the house. Fittingly called “Big Brother Shopping Network,” all kinds of items bought, used, eaten and the like for this season were shown. When the first round kicked off, all houseguests got a point because they answered correctly. In round two, everyone also received a point. However, Justin was eliminated in the third round. It went on for four more rounds, but everyone continued getting the correct answer so a tie-breaker was made. In the end, Danielle was named as this week’s HOH.

According to Big Brother Network, it’s almost certain that Danielle will nominate Morgan and Shelby for eviction. After all, she doesn’t have a good relationship with the two houseguests. But Danielle’s plan to evict the two may still change because of the upcoming America’s Care Package this week. The Power of Veto (POV) is also coming up, which can guarantee one of the two nominees’ safety from elimination. The publication is speculating on the possibility that Shelby will be the one to go home at the end of the week. That is, if Danielle will receive America’s Care Package and wins the POV.

“Big Brother Over The Top” airs weekly online on CBS All Access.