Da’Vonne warned Victor he was the house’s next target before being walking out of the “Big Brother” house on Thursday and that apparently lit a fire under him. The returning Season 18 player won the Head of Household competition following the live show on CBS. 

The Big Brother Network was the first to report Victor’s status. And if his win wasn’t enough to ruffle feathers in the house, the site reports Victor has already started discussing who he wants to nominate for elimination. 

Victor Arroyo Will Victor be sent home on Tuesday night in “Big Brother” Season 18? Photo: CBS

So, who is on Victor’s chopping block? According to the site’s live feed report, he’s still aligned with Paul, last week’s HOH, Paulie and James, who discussed nominating Zakiyah and Michelle. Before talking to Victor, Paul and Paulie decided they want Zakiyah to be eliminated, and it appears the current HOH is on the same page. Victor is said to have admitted to wanting to win this week’s Veto competition in order to keep the nominations the same and send home Zakiyah. Victor said his backup nomination, if he doesn’t win, could go to Natalie. 

Michelle and Zakiyah may already be wise to their elimination plans, though. The two talked about the competition on the live feeds and noticed that Paulie quit after Zakiyah fell during the challenge. While Michelle and Zakiyah agreed they think Paulie, her flame in the house, wanted her to lose, Michelle was the one who got emotional. She reportedly cried over Da’Vonne not hugging her on her way out and the possibility she may be going home this week. 

Despite his alliance’s plan, Paulie later told Zakiyah that if Michelle gets voted in, he’ll push for her to go. And after talking to James, Paulie appeared to change his mind about sending home Zakiyah, deciding to target Michelle instead.

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