Key large home builders are starting their own trade organization, calling it the Leading Builders of America.

This new organization, which will launch in 2010, plans to concentrate on the concerns of large builders.

The National Association of Home Builders is overly focused on small builders, said Brent Anderson, vice president of investor relations with Meritage Homes, which belongs to both groups.

They don't necessarily have the same concerns, objectives, etc., of the large public or private home builders. Trying to get a consensus among everyone from little mom-and-pop builders to a [top builder like] Pulte, that's a gargantuan task.

The split apparently grew out of the difference of opinion earlier this year about how Congress should handle loss carrybacks. A five-year carryback, which was ultimately selected, benefits big builders more than small ones.

Source: The Wall Street Journal, Dawn Wotapka (12/14/2009)